Julianne Hough Tickets are a Priority for the Dancing Champ

The Dancing with the Stars veteran and recent country pop act Julianne Hough is enjoying every moment of her dual career. Recently surviving appendicitis, the petite star is singing tracks about love (recently gushing about her relationship with fellow country star Chuck Wicks) and a blissful career. 

“I’ve been very fortunate, branching out from the dancing to the music, which is, of course, where my heart is,” Hough said to LiveDaily. “Brad Paisley added me to his tour. The album did really well and I ended coming up with album and doing some Toby Keith dates. Sometimes I have to pinch myself, like ‘Oh, my gosh. Is this really happening?'”

Though the star is back for another season, making many a Dancing with the Star fans tune in, she still reveals that she is focusing more on her music than her samba moves. “I’m definitely going to be taking one season off and focusing on the music,” Hough continued with LiveDaily online. “

I think everybody kind of needs a little break. When you’ve been doing this show for four seasons, maybe five, you definitely want to take a little break.” That little hiccup won’t be happening this year, as Hough joins Shawn Johnson, Jewel, Nancy O’Dell and Denise Richards, among others, for another Season of the competition.

Arianny Celeste Gets Pitchy On Instagram

Arianny Celeste clearly seems to be having no time for the Euro 2016 tournament happening in France now. Instead, the UFC favorite chose to stick her two fingers up to football in a way that only she knows how, by showing off her truly breath-taking outfits while soaking up the sun.

While over at the Euro tournament in France England fans are causing mayhem and football lovers are disappointed by Cristiano Ronaldo, Arianny Celeste has set off on holiday somewhere else and she doesn’t care who is aware about it.

Celeste, a favorite of Ultimate Fighting Championship fans all over the world, she clearly hardly has any time for the tournament going on in France, instead preferring to catch some rays relaxing on a speedboat, explore a few caves, and even dive into the clear sky blue waters.

This all increases to a spectacular online scrapbook about her amazing holiday experiences with some skimpy outfit well designed. The Best part is that Celeste has all the more so uploaded a picture of her in a borderline bikini shot which is not somehow decent – but it is not that we are irritated.

Such uploads are somehow a distraction from the disappointed and the pain of the many England fans out there, with the tournament so far having failed to grasp the imagination around the world.

We were not surprised to see Celeste’s Instagram followers number shoot up even after our boys did their job against Wales. It could have definitely beat watching Wales confidently qualifying to tournament’s semi-finals where the Three Lions have never reached before.

Idris Elba set to play James Bond?

Will Idris Elba be able to be the new James bond in the film 007? Questions have continuously been able to be asked by people since Idris Elba will be competing for the role.over the years James bond has been a sensation in the worlds film production due to the highly skilled producers and the cast involved in the film making process.

This has resulted to the high rates of profit and continued quality and fan base movies that have been made by James Bond cast.However in the news there has been questions to whom will be the core actor and hence the new face of the film.

British film maker Sam Mendes Says apart from Idris Elba. Others actors who are Tom Hiddlestone, Aidan turner,Damian Lewis and most recently Bill Elliot have been shortlisted and can be a possible James bond in 007 movie.

Although Sam Mendes was able insist that the decision sole fully lies with producer Barbra Broccoli, sources have also confirmed that Idris Elba and Tom Hiddlestone may be best candidates to have the position of being the new face of 007.

When asked about what he thought on the issue Idris Elba accepted the challenge and confirmed that he will be aiming to be the new James bond.

This comes probably 4 months after the incident where by he separated from his spouse due to domestic issues.he admitted that taking the part would not be easy but he will make sure that he is potentially able to beat Tom Huddlestone who is also professional and amazing in what he does.

Time and again the famous actor has asked his fans to be patient and wait to hear from the producer.Fans all over the world are slowly waiting for what will be decided and when the movie will hit the cinemas.

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